Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shocking Projections For First BCS Rankings

Shocking Projections For First BCS Rankings, The undisputed No. 1 team in the nation would land in a low spot in the early results. Forde-Yard Dash: Computers crunching funny numbers with first BCS poll on its way, On Sunday, America's least-popular sports entity this side of the NFL replacement refs makes its triumphant return. The first Bowl Championship Series standings will be released. The coast-to-coast complaining will follow immediately thereafter, because there is widespread divergence between the voters and the computers.

Despite the overwhelming belief among human voters that Alabama is the best team in America and Oregon is No. 2, the computers aren't buying it. At least not yet. The Dash looked at five of the six rankings that are used by the BCS - Wolfe doesn't release its first public rankings until Sunday - and four different teams are ranked No. 1: Alabama (Sagarin), Florida (Anderson & Hester), Oregon (Billingsley) and Notre Dame (Colley and Massey).

That's right, Notre Dame is first in more computer formulas than Alabama. Don't tell Harvey Updyke or he's liable to graffiti the Golden Dome. And Oregon is only ranked higher than sixth by Billingsley.


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