Friday, October 5, 2012

Should Apple Forget About Steve Jobs?

Should Apple Forget About Steve Jobs?, If the company wants to remain great, it needs to let go of the past, argues Yahoo!'s Jeff Macke. Stop Asking What Steve Jobs Would Do, Steve Jobs was a legend, a genius, a pain in the neck and the best CEO of his generation. The man created Apple (AAPL), got sent into exile then returned to invent the company all over again. It was the greatest comeback in 2,000 years, outdoing Napoleon's return from Elba and Muhammad Ali reclaiming the Heavyweight crown.

Jobs passed away one year ago today. So far there isn't much evidence that Apple is willing to deviate from his playbook. "There is no way, given the lead time that he had on his disease, that he would not have, I think, had his fingerprints all over the product road-map for at least the next decade," says Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital in the attached video.

If Jackson is right, and he probably is, Apple should stop following the map. In order to keep its title as the epitome of excellence and style, Apple needs to let go of the past and start creating the future again.


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