Monday, October 1, 2012

Star NFL QB's Puzzling Persona

Star NFL QB's Puzzling Persona, Cam Newton's behavior sparks a debate over whether he cares more about winning ... or himself. Panthers QB Cam Newton getting no benefit of the doubt when it comes to 'losing' demeanor, When Urban Meyer was the head coach at Florida, he created a one-day recruiting event called "Friday Night Lights," where the nation's best and brightest were invited to Gainesville for a festive few hours of drills and skill sessions. Sort of a mini-NFL scouting combine.

One year, a rising junior out of Atlanta showed up. "He was not a highly-recruited guy at the time," Meyer recalled, but clearly an elite athlete. His name was Cam Newton. He proceeded to impress, not simply with his ability to win this shuttle run or that passing competition.

But what floored the Gators coach was when things weren't going smoothly and Newton's reaction to it.


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