Thursday, October 4, 2012

Teen Behind Kidnapping Hoax Back Home

Teen Behind Kidnapping Hoax Back Home, A 16-year-old's frantic tweet about an intruder sparked a massive online effort to help. Teen Behind Kidnapping Hoax Tweet Returns Home, The 16-year-old girl who vanished after sending a hoax tweet that someone was in her house has returned home safely, following a 48-hour period that sent the Internet into a roller coaster of reactions.

Police found Kara Alongi walking along the side of a New Jersey highway and took her to a nearby hospital for evaluation, a common practice in teenage runaway cases, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger The news comes as Alongi faked her own kidnapping on Sunday night after asking her Twitter followers to call 911, saying "there is someone in my [house]."

The Internet quickly responded to her message. The hashtag #HelpFindKara trended on a global level on Twitter and nearly 34,000 people retweeted her call for help to raise awareness about the incident. Not to mention the more than 6,000 phone calls the local police department received after her tweet went viral.


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