Sunday, October 7, 2012

'Terry And Cole Have Shamed England'

'Terry And Cole Have Shamed England', Sunday's papers have condemned John Terry and Ashley Cole after Chelsea's turbulent week. 'Terry and Cole have shamed England', How would most major private or public institutions react if one of their leading figures - say, the chief executive - was found guilty by an independent commission of saying, in public to a competitor, "You f***ing black c*** ... f***ing k***head"?

They would sack them.

If Chelsea - who have said they will wait to see if Terry appeals before making clear their intentions and on Saturday confirmed there will be a "disciplinary process" with Ashley Cole - choose not to do that, what reasons will they - and their owner, Roman Abramovich - give for not taking this course of action? Are they happy their captain has been found guilty of lying? Are they happy that he uses the phrase "You f***ing black c*** ... f***ing k***head" in public? Are they happy for this man to be their captain?

To be their leader? Really?

Are Chelsea fans happy to have their team led by a man who uses a racist insult? Will Chelsea fans - and with social media there are many opportunities for them to find their voice, how about #sackjohnterrynow? - signal their disapproval of their "leader"? Because if they don't, then how can they take a credible stand on racism in public life ever again? They can't. There is no reason for being equivocal about racism.


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