Thursday, October 11, 2012

Truth Behind VP Contenders' Claims

Truth Behind VP Contenders' Claims, As Ryan and Biden go head-to-head tonight, brace for some dubious attack lines. The truth behind the numbers: Pre-Factchecking the VP debate, Last week's presidential debate impacted the race more than most voters expected. After his lackluster performance, President Barack Obama's lead has shrunk and Mitt Romney's campaign has been reinvigorated.

So, Thursday night's debate between vice president Joe Biden and Republican vp nominee Paul Ryan matters more than many debates between potential veeps past: While Biden has a chance to do damage control and stall the Romney-Ryan surge, Ryan will press for further gains.

At Centre College in Danville, Ken., at 9 p.m. EST, Biden and Ryan will tangle on issues including health care, the national debt and taxes. Need help keeping the facts straight as the contenders pontificate from their podiums? Here's a guide to some of what you may hear, with the bits of spin fact-checked in advance.


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