Saturday, October 6, 2012

'Ugly American' Travel Habits

'Ugly American' Travel Habits, Things like tipping, hailing a taxi, and even using a room key trip up even savvy vacationers. Are you an 'ugly American?', In foreign countries it's natural to notice-and be enchanted by-customs that are different from those practiced in America. But it's quite another thing to stand around slack-jawed in a perpetual state of confusion and perspiration, insulting the locals with your words and actions (and short pants). Here are 10 tips on how to blend into a foreign country a little bit better, and avoid being an "ugly American."

To conserve electricity, many European hotels require the insertion of a key card into a slot beside the door. Use it. Desk clerks are tired of fielding calls about why the lights or TV don't work. The upside: You won't lose your key (at least when it's in the room).

On the other hand, a traditional hotel may provide you with a heavy, old-fashioned tassel key (check out the quaint rows of key boxes behind the front desk). When heading out, it's customary to leave the key with the desk clerk so the cleaning staff knows when the room is vacant.


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