Sunday, October 7, 2012

'You've Got To Go With What's In Your Pants'

'You've Got To Go With What's In Your Pants', Michael Schumacher, Ryder Cup heroes and John Terry have made it into our quotes of the week. Quotes of the Week: "You've just got to go with what's in your pants", "It was such a fine line between being the hero and the biggest idiot. Fortunately it went the right way." - Martin Kaymer reflects on the put that retained the Ryder Cup for Europe.

"When I was standing behind the ball and then when I bent down Bernhard's miss crossed my mind for half a second. But it didn't have any influence in a positive or negative way... If you stick to the facts it was the easiest putt you can have despite all the circumstances because it was uphill and an inside the right line. There is no easier putt. We have that putt millions of times and I had to try to forget about the Ryder Cup." - Kaymer admits that before rolling in his critical putt he thought about the most famous miss in Ryder Cup history: the six-footer hit by his compatriot Bernhard Langer on the final green of the final match to lose the Cup in 1991. And yet Kaymer still nailed it. This is why Germans win penalty shoot-outs.


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