Wednesday, October 10, 2012

$2 Million Lawsuit Over Harvard Rejection

$2 Million Lawsuit Over Harvard Rejection, A couple cries foul after shelling out huge fees to get their sons into their "target" school. Parents Sue Education Consultant For $2 Million After Sons Don't Get Into Harvard, A couple in Hong Kong is suing a Boston-area education consultant for the $2 million they say they paid him to get their two sons into top prep schools and, ultimately, an Ivy League university. The suit is seen by some as an example of an "arms race" in education.

Gerald and Lily Chow, citizens of Hong Kong, say they hired Mark Zimny and his company, IvyAdmit Consulting Associates in Cambridge, Mass. to help their two sons get into elite schools in the U.S.

"They decided in 2006 that their sons, First Son and Second Son, would benefit most by being educated in the top schools in the United States," says the lawsuit, first filed in 2010 with a U.S. district court in Massachusetts.

The Chows had determined that their "target university" was Harvard, the Boston Globe reported.

Their first son, then 15, graduated as a ninth grader from a junior boarding school in Deerfield, Mass. in June 2007.


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