Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dying Woman Humiliated By TSA Patdown

Dying Woman Humiliated By TSA Patdown, Michelle Dunaj says screeners lifted up her shirt to expose bandages and a feeding tube. Dying Woman Humiliated at Sea-Tac Airport by Security Search, A young, female leukemia patient says she was humiliated by a security search at Seattle's Sea-Tac airport last week. Security officials lifted bandages from recent surgeries, lifted her shirt to check feeding tubes and broke open an IV bag of saline solution, all in full view of other passengers, according to a report by Seattle's KOMO News.

The Detroit-area woman, Michelle Dunaj, who is dying of leukemia, was taking an "end of life" trip to Hawaii, flying through Seattle. She called her airline, Alaska Air, ahead of time to find out what the procedure would be for traveling with prescription medicines and to request a wheelchair, but, when she got to security, Dunaj said, "nothing happened as it should."

Airport security officials denied Dunaj's requests for a private search, saying, "the location is fine," she told KOMO News. "It shouldn't have happened that way-they should be more respectful of people," she said.


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