Friday, October 5, 2012

Adele Debuts James Bond Theme Song

Adele Debuts James Bond Theme Song, The hit singer lends her lush vocals to the next 007 installment "Skyfall." Adele's "Skyfall" + The Ten Greatest James Bond Theme Songs, Adele, that lovable one-named star who currently graces the cover of the Rolling Stone, is certainly the "chosen one" these days. Not only is she the only musical artist who actually does all her own singing who sells enough music to hang around the Billboard charts like she's Dark Side Of The Moon, but she's been chosen to kick off this year's James Bond film with "Skyfall."

It's too early to tell whether "Skyfall" will rank among the very best tunes performed in service of a James Bond film, but if ol' level-headed Adele proves true to form, she and the tune will hang around the very-top of future lists, for sure.

Here are the top 10 James Bond themes, as of Rocktober 4, 2012! Be assured that the earliest official "James Bond Theme" tunes, with the cool surf guitars, are still the absolute best, but I'm simply not going there, since, truth told, I'd rather look at a picture of Sheryl Crow. And I know how much it annoys people when my criteria makes little sense! But I gotta give the people what they really want! And that's people they've heard of!


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