Friday, October 5, 2012

Mutt Steals Golfer's Ball After Great Shot

Mutt Steals Golfer's Ball After Great Shot, Paul Casey calls the theft "the weirdest thing I've ever had happen on a golf course." Dog picks up Paul Casey's golf ball at the Dunhill Links Championship, Paul Casey's golf game has been in the doghouse this year. With only five made cuts in 17 events, 2012 has been a forgettable one for the Englishman. And on Friday at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, his season took another bizarre turn when a dog ran onto the 12th green at Kingsbarns Golf Links in St. Andrews and picked up Casey's ball as he was eyeing an eagle putt.

Casey reportedly asked the dog to take the ball and drop it closer to the hole, but instead of following orders, he ran off before a spectator caught the ball thief on the 13th and retrieved Casey's original ball.

Casey went on to birdie the hole and, because he's a nice guy, even gave the ball back to the dog as he was walking off the green.


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