Friday, October 5, 2012

Boston's Affair With Valentine Ends Quietly

Boston's Affair With Valentine Ends Quietly, The Red Sox fire their beleaguered manager after an embarrassing 69-93 season. Red Sox fire Bobby Valentine after one more resounding defeat, Bobby Valentine, failed Boston Red Sox manager, beaten-down iconoclast, worn-out savant, dead man walking, tapped his index finger against his left cheek. He did so almost metronomically, tap, tap, tap, as if he was trying to signal something. Maybe he just figured "Taps" an appropriate soundtrack for his final day in a job that will define Valentine's career as much as his successes.

The Red Sox fired Valentine on Thursday and cast their first scapegoat for a season gone horrible, irreversibly awry. The model franchise that won two World Series over four seasons is now the model of dysfunction: an ownership group that can't shake rumors of its desire to sell a piece of the team, a cast of players that finished 69-93 and the man tasked with bridging the two, Valentine, gone from the major leagues never to return.


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