Friday, October 5, 2012

Dad Survives Billion-Volt Lightning Strike

Dad Survives Billion-Volt Lightning Strike, A kite-surfing excursion for Falk Weltzien and his 14-year-old son comes to a frightening halt. Florida Man Recovers From Lightning Strike, A Florida man who was critically injured while flying a kite on a beach is recovering from his injuries. Falk Weltzien, 39, was on Vilano Beach Monday with his 14-year-old son, Kai, when he was struck, the St.

Augustine Record reported. For a moment, Kai, thought he had lost his father. "There's like a big white flash," Kai told ABC News. "I dropped my kite and then I looked over and I saw him laying on the ground." Weltzien, of St. Augustine, had been hit by as much as one billion volts, enough electricity to light up a small town. "When I looked at him his eyes were open and he was foaming from the mouth," Kai said.


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