Friday, October 5, 2012

Moving On Up: Is Bigger Always Better?

Moving On Up: Is Bigger Always Better?, Your expansive dream house will likely come with a big mortgage and some hidden expenses. Moving up: dream house or money pit?, There's just something undeniably luxurious about a big house. Those huge windows, expansive lawns and massive rooms just embody the American dream in a way few other things in this life do. No, its not cost effective, but you've spent years, and quite possibly decades, thinking about it and driving past it.

Now you're ready to move up to the neighborhood of your dreams. The question is, are you ready for it? The things you think about and the things you don't Big houses come with big mortgages. A mortgage of several thousand dollars a month is likely on the horizon if you plan to move up. It's a big number, but it won't come as a surprise, so you can plan for it. Similarly, a bigger space will require more money to heat and cool. Once again, you know these expenses are coming and can prepare accordingly.


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