Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do We Really Need Eight Hours Of Sleep?

Do We Really Need Eight Hours Of Sleep?, Trying to sleep for so many hours may not be the best way to ensure you wake up well-rested. The myth of the eight hour rest: Do we really need to sleep so much?, Sure, we're all tired - exhausted even. But do we really need the oft-quoted eight hours of sleep a night in order to be at our best during waking hours? Or is the pressure to get so many sleeping hours under our belt actually making us more stressed and contributing to the problem of insomnia?

A recent Op-Ed in the New York Times suggests that human beings don't really need eight hours of sleep a night. In fact, writes David K. Randall, "neither our bodies nor our brains are built for the roughly one-third of our lives that we spend in bed."

Additionally, offers Randall, the pressure to get eight hours may be one of the factors that make us toss and turn at night.


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