Sunday, October 7, 2012

If Disney Villains Had Won In The End,

If Disney Villains Had Won In The End, One artist imagines how classics like 'Little Mermaid' and '101 Dalmatians' could have turned out. What If Disney's Villians Had Won the Battle of Good Vs. Evil?, In the magical world of Disney, the princesses are always pretty and good always triumphs over evil. But what if the villains were the ones whose dreams came true? "I wanted to do a little series of Disney Villains in a much happier ending for them, rather than the story line in the films," artist Justin Turrentine writes in his portfolio at His five-part series offers some creepy alternate endings to some Disney treasures.

Evil sea witch Ursula sits down to a hearty meal of Flounder, Sebastian the crab, and Scuttle the seagull. Perhaps the fork came from Ariel's own collection of special treasures?


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