Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maximum Expectations For IPad Mini

Maximum Expectations For IPad Mini, Steve Jobs may have once called them 'useless', but it's becoming clear that smaller tablets are anything but. With iPad mini, Apple shoulders maximal expectations, Steve Jobs once famously called 7-inch tablets "useless" and "DOA", claiming you needed at least a 10-inch screen to have anything approaching a great user experience. As Apple prepares to launch an iPad mini with a slightly larger — 7.85-inch — screen, it's becoming increasingly clear that that devices in this size range are anything but useless.

While earlier 7-inch models, like Samsung's first-generation Galaxy Tab and Research In Motion's PlayBook, largely flopped, it wasn't because of size. These early examples suffered from questionable performance — Samsung's device was notably pokey — and incomplete functionality, with the PlayBook's first iteration missing critical productivity apps.


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