Friday, October 5, 2012

Is This The IPad's Biggest Shortcoming?

Is This The IPad's Biggest Shortcoming?, If you pick up a new rival tablet such as the Nook HD, you'll notice one big difference. Is the iPad too heavy?, Unveiled last month, the 9-inch HD Nook is 20% lighter than the iPad, a difference that is instantly noticeable after lifting the two tablets, but feels even more pronounced when holding either device in one hand for prolonged periods. The iPad feels overweight by comparison, experts say. In fact, while the Nook and Kindle Fire tablets are getting lighter, the iPad is getting heavier: The third version of Apple's tablet is 652 grams - more than 50 grams weightier than the iPad 2.

Though the iPad remains far and away the best-selling tablet, its competitors are catching up in the very area Apple is famous for: design. "The iPad was indeed at the forefront and got things going for tablets, but now we are seeing better improvements from many others," says Rick Singer, CEO of There's growing demand for devices that are light - like the original Kindle - but also have the higher screen resolution of the Nook tablets, he says. (Apple did not respond to requests for comment.)


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