Friday, October 5, 2012

One Year Later, How Apple Has Changed

One Year Later, How Apple Has Changed, The tech giant is focusing less on "the next big thing" and more on this under its new CEO. A Look at Apple (AAPL) One Year After Steve Jobs' Death, A year after founder Steve Jobs' death, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is continuing on the trajectory that the late founder had in place for years, with its highly-coveted consumer products that are getting into more hands around the country, while the company makes subtle shifts and the occasional misstep.

Over the past year, Apple's stock is up almost 80 percent to over $671 after introducing the iPhone 5. Though the new phone sold over 5 million three days after its launch, some analysts were disappointed with the volume of orders.

Here Are Four Ways Apple Has Changed Since Steve Jobs' Death:

1) Apple has become more shareholder-friendly.

Bill Kreher, senior technology analyst with Edward Jones, based in St. Louis, said Apple's issuance of a dividend to shareholders is a change in philosophy from that of Steve Jobs.


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