Friday, October 5, 2012

Leukemia Survivor's Amazing MLB Adventure

Leukemia Survivor's Amazing MLB Adventure, With his cancer in remission, Ben Rouse completes what many baseball fans only dream about. Dedicated Brewers fan attends all 162 games, Raise your steins and beer mugs, because Ben Rouse has made it.

The Milwaukee Brewers fan from Madison, Wis., attended every single game played by his favorite team this season, completing his journey at Miller Park on Wednesday.

We're not just talking about every single home game, an 81-game set which would have been taxing enough, either. We're talking about Every. Single. Game. Home and away. 162 games long. Rouse blogged all season about his unparalleled adventure, during which he missed all of 110 pitches, an average of less than a pitch per game.


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