Friday, October 5, 2012

Politicians With Bizarre Campaign Themes

Politicians With Bizarre Campaign Themes, One Montana Democrat talks less about Washington and more about ducks and wolves. Taking aim: Animal tales from the campaign trail, It's not only campaign season; fall is also hunting season. Let the bullets and arrows fly!

Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester is in a tough battle for his seat against Republican Montana Representative Denny Rehlberg. In this red state, Tester can't count on Obama's coattails to pull him to victory. And, with approval ratings of Congress in the basement, Tester wants to talk less about his time in Washington and more about his time in the duck blind.

Tester has , er, mounted an effort to remind voters that he increased hunters' access on federal lands and fought Obama on hunting regulations by releasing an ad filled with endorsements from talking animal heads mounted to a hunter's cabin wall.


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