Sunday, October 7, 2012

Science Fiction Vs Fact In Prometheus

Science Fiction Vs Fact In Prometheus, Two space boffins cast their eyes over Ridley Scott's world of svelte spacesuits and cryochambers. Movie Editor's Blog, Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic 'Prometheus' throws up a lot of questions. Is it a prequel to 'Alien'? What are David's (Michael Fassbender) motives? But most importantly, will we all be visiting far-flung planets in twenty years time?

Well, we flew out to the SIRIUS* astronaut training facility in Boston to chat to some boffins about the technology featured in 'Prometheus' and they told us the differences between science fiction and science fact.

Cryosleep is the sci-fi idea of "sleeping" or "hibernating" for long periods of time in a controlled environment. Janna Kaplan, MS, SIRIUS Program Lead and Senior Scientist revealed that "you CAN induce suspended animation of cryosleep"!

Before you start booking your tickets to Pluto, Kaplan dampened the mood saying it isn't possible for humans to do this yet. She explained that "you can't take human tissue below freezing and revive it, organs and eggs yes, but not the complete whole body."


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