Sunday, October 7, 2012

What He Really Thinks About Your Fashion

What He Really Thinks About Your Fashion, Not only do men notice women's style, they also have strong opinions about what's hot - or not. What he really thinks of what you're wearing, Popular opinion says: 'Men don't notice what women wear.' Or perhaps: 'Men only notice what women don't wear.'

This is a myth, peddled by men for an easy life. The average bloke knows that if he offers his girlfriend fashion advice she'll tell him he doesn't know what he's talking about. So he keeps quiet, or mumbles something non-committal .

The difficulty, as we all know, is that the sexes rarely agree on style. She thinks 'edgy,' he thinks 'unsexy'. She sees 'dull', he sees 'elegant'. She sees 'ironic 90s reference', he sees 'ugly, second hand denim shirt.'

So what? Most women insist they dress for themselves or other women, after all. Except surely most of us care, or are at least curious, about the male opinion on our clothes?

Here are the points that come up, without fail, if you ask men about women's clothes.


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